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… the place of our magnificent monuments should be in a magnificent monument like the Knin fortress, on this land where every bitch of the earth remembers the most beautiful times of national life, here in Knin, where national archeology sparked, the earth broke and the plant grew…

fra Lujo Marun

franjevac, archeologist amateur


Knin Museum

During the Homeland War the Fortress area with Museum buildings was devastated and the collection was partially plundered. The Museum was reopened for the public in 1996, and its collection was displayed in the southern part of the Fortress in three refurbished buildings.

Knin Fortress

During a relatively short time, two museums came into being in the Knin area. One of them is the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments developed as the result of research and collection of materials with the aim of creating historical memories.

Storm ’95

After four years of occupation of nearly a third of Croatian territory, a large number of displaced persons and refugees, economic problems caused by the interruption of communication routes between the north and south of Croatia over Knin.

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