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Arheološka zbirka - Kninski muzej - Zbirke - Archaeological collection

Archaeological collection

Mar 22, 2022

mr.sc Katarina Gugo

The archaeological collection displays the materials from the Knin area starting from prehistory, i.e. from the Mesolithic up to the late Middle Ages. Stone monuments dating from Antiquity, Middle and Late Middle Ages include architectural fragments (architraves, beams, column bases), altars, portraits of deities, stele, tegulae and so on.

The collection has over 3000 items, including ceramics, glass, flint-stone objects, bone and iron objects as well as medical instruments.

The Department holds a geological-palaeontological collection including geological samples and fossils from the Knin surroundings. The collection has a total of 80 objects, and it contains igneous rocks, minerals, ammonites, massive crystal gypsum and sediment rocks. Among the oldest rocks from the Knin area displayed are those made of gypsum mineral and green rocks from the Konj mountain, resulting from volcanic eruption.

Numismatic collection consists of a total of 25 objects.

Head of collection and Department:

mr.sc Katarina Gugo

+385 91 366 1376

Gallery collection

Gallery collection

The collection in the gallery contains over 260 art works...

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