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Ethnographic Collection

Mar 22, 2022

Zoja Radić

Ethnographic collection displays furniture, household accessories, objects made by traditional folk handicrafts (connected to wool processing, pottery, basket-making, musical instruments and wood carving) and folk costumes from a part of Bukovica and Cetina area from the 19th and 20th centuries. The materials are organised according to topics: building and husbandry, traditional handicraft and folk costumes. The mentioned areas of the Dalmatian Hinterland belong to Dinaric ethnographic area with influences from the neighbouring Adriatic area.

The first room is devoted to building, interior decoration and husbandry. The display consists of an open fireplace with its inventory and different objects for use in home and in husbandry.

Objects used in wool processing are displayed in the second room: greben and gargaše for wool combing, distaff and spindle for wool spinning, kišćić for winding different embroidery threads, tara loom, as well as woven woolen bags. Different clay vessels for use in everyday life were produced by the village potters – bakrar. The craft of basket weaving from willow wicker was a well developed tradition in villages of the Knin area. Several musical instruments are also displayed: ćurlika, svirale, diple and gusle.

In the third room folk costumes and different jewellery are shown. The display consists of five folk costumes presenting the way the inhabitants of the surrounding area used to dress.

Head of collection and Department:

Zoja Radić

+385 91 141 4523

Gallery collection

Gallery collection

The collection in the gallery contains over 260 art works...

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